I would like to start this piece out with an apology. I know I don’t have any readers that care too much about my absence, but I have been dealing with some epilepsy issues lately that have, frankly, prevented me from tackling complicated and nuanced topics. Typically I have something akin to brain fog after I have a seizure which, thankfully, is a rare occurrence. However, I changed my meds in early December and proceeded to have seizures in December and January. So many doctors, tests, and evaluations later, I have decided to return to writing. I feel like my brain has finally returned, as best as I can tell, to its normal state. All of that to say, I do apologize for being gone longer than I anticipated, and I am glad to be back with you.

That being said, we need to talk today about the boogeyman in the room lately – the discourse on “cancel culture.” It’s a conversation that needs to be unpacked in order to be assessed properly. Because if we don’t unpack it, and reveal the insidious nature of those calling out cancel culture, people like Trump will continue to rise to power and become a lightning rod and a magnet for the most pernicious and duplicitous groups in America: The Extreme Right. Before I give my best attempt at assessing the absolute ridiculous argument put forth by the right regarding cancel culture, it needs to be expressed up front that while the right wing seems to be the loudest in volume, the American center has also attached itself to the “cancel culture” narrative. I read an article, somewhere, in the last few days that credited Rush Limbaugh with being the father of the movement to stand-up to cancel culture. With his most welcome and recent passing, as well as the discourse surrounding Dr. Seuss publication changes and Gina Carano’s recent dismissal from The Mandalorian series, I figured it was a great time to try and undo a bit of that work. I’ll start with this, if you could boil this entire post into a single thesis point, it would be this: The narrative against “cancel culture” is not only old and tired, it is a clear and obvious form of gaslighting from a very large group of hypocrites who not only lack a complete understanding of the amendments they think “cancel culture” is threatening, but are also engaged in a far more nefarious and dangerous form of cancellation and the impact is deeper and much farther reaching than they would ever be willing to admit.

So let’s talk about what this specter of “cancel culture” really is. In doing this, I want to start by talking about what it is NOT. What the right (I am averaging out the center and extreme right and calling it the right as an explicit attempt to save on word count) loves to characterize “cancel culture” as can be defined as an attempt to fundamentally strip people, primarily those of a conservative persuasion, of their free speech by disassociating and de-platforming people simply based on a difference of opinion. This is a somewhat forest instead of the trees type definition of what the right calls “cancel culture.” It’s intentionally dishonest, morally repugnant, and shamefully ignorant. It’s premeditated to be so simplistic that it might spread like wildfire because of how easy it is to mischaracterize and apply to every situation. The only problem with the entire narrative against “cancel culture” is that it is a calculated lie to cover up an even more pervasive, powerful, and glaringly perverse version of their own cancel culture. A culture that has consequences that are far more egregious and long lasting than any they claim they have endured. Something that goes unnoticed, especially by the younger generation (this isn’t a pejorative, they just literally weren’t born to see this shift I’m about to talk about occur), is that the debate about “cancel culture” has its roots in political correctness. Sure – most of us know what PC stands for, but what it stands for now is completely different than what it used to stand for some 25-30 years ago. When I was young it was politically incorrect to be critical of religion. To express sexuality in any manner other than binary heterosexuality between one woman and one man was anathema to the political mainstream. Polyamorous relationships? Expressing one’s own gender in a way that did not conform to the politically correct notion of the gender binary? Homosexual relationships? These things could get you fired from your job, they could result in permanent expulsion from your family, circle of friends, and even your communities. People were literally cancelled for not conforming to what was deemed politically correct. This very real version of cancel culture resulted in lives lost either due to people dying from depression, to being murdered for not fitting into societal norms. If your skin wasn’t white you were derided for being a criminal, illegal immigrant, drug dealer, job stealers, and contradicting these notions was considered politically incorrect. The very people gaslighting the left for being the “PC Police” were very literally complicit in cancelling and policing people for being different. I want to be very clear about this last point – what has become PC has evolved over time, but the problems that conservatives have thrust on this country of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and hate; these blights remain as constant as ever. The difference that has emerged is that the left has, at least culturally, gained more power.

The actions of the political right have not changed. We still live in a culture that supports black men and women being murdered by police on the street without due process, while people carrying thin blue line flags cry about how the #MeToo movement has stripped rapists of due process. Those same people are now claiming the free speech of Kens and Karens across the country have been violated because a company enforced a policy that asked them to wear masks. Literal tears are shed because their freedom has been stripped from them while they sustain a culture that supports the murdering of black people, throwing kids in cages, bullying and murdering members of the LGBT community, the litany of conspiracies and abuse given to people that wear masks and support social distancing so that things can return to whatever normal looks like after the pandemic, and finally – attempts to murder their own government, including their Vice President they so fervently loved just a few short weeks prior, because they won’t overthrow an election they lost in one of the most free and fair elections in recent memory. The right is perfectly fine with cancel culture as an idea, what they are not very fond of is a culture that will not support and sustain their hate. What they fear is a loss of power.

Make no mistake, the right still possesses an unreasonably high level of power. Politically it is almost a sustained idea that they possess enough power to still make lives miserable for minorities of all types in this country. And yes, they still use said power to cancel anyone that doesn’t fit into the right subset of categories. All of that being true, it is also true that they are losing power culturally. This power has allowed those that do not support hate (I will not categorize this as “the left” since being on the left doesn’t make you immune to being problematic – here’s looking at you Gov. Cuomo) to use the constitutional rights afforded to Americans, yeah those constitutional rights that conservatives said were going away, to limit the ability of hate mongers to peddle hate, conspiracies, and lies. They’re still free to say those things without government consequences, but they are not immune to other people and business using their own rights to limit that speech by refusing to associate with it.

There’s so much more that can be said with regards to the discourse against “cancel culture,” so I suppose I’ll end with this thought. “Cancel culture” isn’t the expression of stripping someone of their freedom, it is the pushback from a part of the country that is tired of being stripped of that and so much more. The consequences being experienced by the likes of Gina Carano, are not a result of someone using their free speech, but for pushing ideas that fundamentally seek to punish people for using their freedom of speech and expression. She isn’t being murdered, she’s still a multi-millionaire, and because this country still possesses a shockingly larger number of bigots, she presumably will have earning potential for years to come. My message to the critics of the left and “cancel culture” is to be very grateful that you weren’t cancelled in the ways you have and still continue to cancel those who don’t agree with you. Be grateful that we view the way you treat people as immoral. Take a look in the mirror, because “cancel culture” isn’t cancelling you, it’s cancelling the culture of hate and political correctness that got people killed and continues to get people killed. I’m perfectly fine cancelling that shit.

Thanks for sticking this one out.

4 thoughts on “Who cancelled who?: Cancelling the discourse on “cancel culture”

  1. Love this. Is great to see a new post from you and I mostly wish you all the best, health-wise. You remind me of a wonderful quote by Stephen King and I’m happy for an opportunity to share it here.

    “There are lots of would-be censors out there, and although they may have different agendas, they all want basically the same thing: for you to see the world they see… or to at least shut up about what you do see that’s different. They are agents of the status quo. Not necessarily bad guys, but dangerous guys if you happen to believe in intellectual freedom.”
    (On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft)


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